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Top 5 wedding stationery trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Today, I’m kick starting a series of blog posts which I’ll be bringing lots of tips, tricks and great info about all things wedding stationery. I’ll be posting these every couple of weeks and I hope you find them useful and interesting.

Wedding planning is a huge commitment and there is so much information out there which can become very overwhelming. I hope to give you all the information you need to help with the wedding stationery side of things.

So let’s get to it! We’re starting a brand new year, so what wedding stationery trends will we be seeing?

1. Minimalism

Photo credit: Tatiana Soash

Designs with minimal detail, clean modern fonts, classic designs and a touch of calligraphy are perfect to demonstrate that less is more. It shows off a luxurious and chic feel to set the tone of your wedding. Getting the right balance of interesting typography can sometimes be a bit tricky but your guests will notice the difference in quality when you send out your invites. The typography almost acts as an image and does all the talking.

2. Custom shaped

To make your wedding stationery even more personal and unique, I predict custom shaped invitations will be a top trend for 2023. Custom shaped invites ouse the feel of luxurious, modern and boldness. They may be a tad hard to find stationers who do custom shapes and be a bit pricer that the normal rectangular shape due to its originality; but it is an investment worthwhile!

3. Sustainable & cost effective

Photo credit: | &

As sustainability is a hot topic and here to stay for 2023, there are many ways to have sustainable wedding invites whilst looking after the environment and saving the pennies. The two options are to send paperless invites or choose an eco-friendly wedding invitation. Choosing eco friendly wedding invites and stationery made from recycled card and paper is a great way to make your wedding more sustainable. Recycled paper and card uses less energy, water, and produces lower carbon emissions when it’s made than non-recycled paper. Digital invites are both sustainable and cost effective.

4. Hand drawn

I think there is something so lovely and personal when wedding invitations are hand drawn - from the lettering to the illustrations. The time and effort which goes into each piece amazes me. It's genuinely a piece of art. You can keep and frame these forever. Be prepared to spend a bit more on these because of their uniqueness though!

5. Bold & colourful

Bright, bold and fun wedding invitations are making their way in for 2023. Striving away from the traditional serif fonts and swapping them for sans serif bolder fonts with simple bold designs. Experimenting with different coloured papers and making wedding invitations more fun seems to be the way to go and a trend to not be scared of. So mix those colours, be bold, be brave and see what exciting designs you can come up with!


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